The Insider’s Guide to The Art of Conversation

The Art of conversation

Conversation distinguishes a man from another man and other animals. Conversation is very important in our life. It helps to lessen pain and suffering, multiply our joy, and enjoyment and enrich the experience.

Conversation is very broad and comprehensive term and includes a talk, public speech or a lecture. A talk is a conversation between two or three persons while a lecture is extended to a large audience. A Speech is mainly a one-way conversation.

Why Is Conversation important?

Conversation is a tool and vehicle for expression of ideas, emotions and experience and is very important. It is a boon and blessing and acts as one of the important means of increasing knowledge. A man can express himself i.e. his ideas, thoughts, intentions, experiences, joy and suffering through mouth or talk which is a form of conversation. Words and talk define a man. A talk can reveal a man’s inner being, his thoughts and emotions.

A conversation also includes participation, cooperation and interaction. This is the best means of communication and also the oldest and the richest. Conversation is important everywhere, either it is success, education, business, social interaction etc.

The Art of Conversation

A conversation can include frankness, intimacy, informality, equal participation, politeness etc. But a good conversation is an art and it comes from both our heart and mind. It is polite, knowledgeable, and enjoyable.

The art of conversation is essential for influencing people, making friends, increasing following and achieving success. But if someone doesn’t know the art of conversation they do not need to worry as it can be developed and cultivated. It is a blessing which can be developed through training, hard work, patience, and perseverance.

A good conversation has many qualities such as; it is interesting, enjoyable, natural, knowledgeable, polite, comfortable and spontaneous. A person who is good at the art of conversation can convey his message successfully, convince others and leave a good impression.

The art of conversation

How Can One Develop This Art of Conversation?

  • Self Confidence: The most important quality to possess this art is Self-confidence. Self-confidence helps a person to gain acceptability and popularity. Confidence in conversation can help to gain success. Self-confidence can be attained by reading good books, acquiring knowledge and talking about it to your friends, family, neighbours and other people.
  • Discover Opportunities: To develop this skill (The Art of Conversation) we must look for opportunities. Life is full of opportunities. Exchange your ideas concepts, views, and experiences with people. This helps you to gain confidence and experience. Get involved with persons in meaningful conversations and also get them involved in yours. Always grab the opportunity to talk to various kinds of people whenever there is. Attend lectures, seminars and talks of well-known speakers. It can give you more knowledge. Always be positive and feel optimistic while talking to others share joys, sorrows, and experiences.
  • Exchange your feeling or thoughts: The greater you converse with various people the greater you enhance your, mind, skills, experience and confidence. Exchange your ideas, feelings, thoughts, joys, sorrows, emotions, opinions, and experiences. Even a casual talk will help you add to your knowledge and wisdom. Your conversation will never go waste but talk meaningful.

    Important points to consider while conversing

    • Always think about the person you are talking or conversing with. While conversing we must take into consideration their knowledge, interests, background, social status, problems etc and suit our conversation according to their taste and need.
    • We must never offend them and attach ourselves to them both physically and mentally. Our talk should reflect our personality. It should be polite, natural and spontaneous. It should not be half-hearted or half-baked.
    • We must encourage everyone to speak. Only this can make our conversation productive. We also must never dictate terms but be friendly and polite. Remember you must be a leader and not a dictator

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