Knowledge is power : why education matters

knowledge is power


Francis Bacon, an English philosopher rightly said, “Knowledge Is Power”. Knowledge and power are the two faces of the same coin, as one cannot think of power without it.

Knowledge increases our power and stays with us even in our good or bad times.  It enlightens our mind to think big and high. It is a key to success, with no marginal returns. Only a knowledgeable person can achieve everything as no obstacle is great or insurmountable for him.

On one hand, Knowledge reins the supreme, while on the other hand, ignorance is curse, failure and defeat. All great persons in the history of the world have been successful and powerful because of their inexhaustible Treasure of wisdom. Today no power is as strong as wisdom to stop him achieving success and growing Glory in life. Today, the sky is not the limit.

God is God only because he is all knowledgeable, Omniscient and omnipotent. It is all knowledge which lends self-confidence, hope, and courage to face a challenge, power to men to control and roll over the forces of nature.


Even the pen is mightier than the sword. Behind the powers of King’s Warriors and the princes was the brain of the learned men and women. It was Chanakya who guided the Destiny of the Maurya Empire. History is the witness to the success, survival and victory of the races who were really intellectual and therefore, powerful.

Behind all genuine and lasting power is knowledge. Today the countries have come much closer to one another and the world has become a global village because of the power of knowledge. Genuine power is that which springs from wisdom and the rest is brute force, fragile, momentary and like a bubble in the water of eternity. Knowledge is indeed a power it Reins Supreme.

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  1. Damond Nollan

    I just love reading,the smell of books, and the information that I can gain from digging in deep. My favorite topics are ones centered around personal development and self help. The more I can identify options for change, the more likely that I will follow a successful path toward becoming the man I was designed to become.

  2. Rosey

    Knowledge is power in so many ways. Our world is laying everything out there for everyone, so we’ll see how beneficial that might be (and the flip side I’d rather not explore).

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