Leisure in Modern Age- A Need

leisure in modern age


Leisure is an important part of life. It is not idleness nor known activity but it implies an activity which is meaningful, fruitful and enjoyable it is a time of personal fulfilment and pleasure.

A man can be judged by his leisure and how he spends it. The wonderful scientific and technological inventions, discoveries and development have produced the hours of walking and consequently, man has no more time to enjoy leisure and hobbies.

Very few people know how to best use the free time. Different people spend in a different way their leisure. For many, it is a time of creative fulfilment and growth. Some play music, grow plants, write poems, practice meditation or render social service. To many, it is time for simple entertainment and they go to theatres, see movies or exchange visits with friends and relatives.But this is not the way we must spend time in our hobbies such as reading, painting etc.(10 best books to read for readers)

But in this age of Electronics, most of the people spend their free time before their television sets. The craze and popularity of television are rapidly increasing. A greater part of their free time is being spent in the Idiot Box. It is just a waste of time, there is neither mental exercise nor physical activity. People spent many hours each day before the television. But nowadays mobile is also replacing television people waste most of the time in Surfing in mobile because of the social networks and some also play games. It is a waste of time and eyes also becomes weak.

Leisure is enjoyable in relation to one’s work. It is after day’s hard work that one enjoys one’s leisure the most. In the absence of work, no leisure can be truly conceived. It is a kind of diversion which day presupposes work and labour. Rest is sweeter only after exhaustion. Our life is now for more free and leisurely than it was for our forefathers. An abundance of leisure and spare time may turn into a curse if not used properly and wisely in some pleasant, enjoyable and healthy hobby. Leisure provides us with a rare opportunity to satisfy our inner spiritual and aesthetic demands. But the problem is how many of us are really well equipped to meet these demands?

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