The Hidden Benefits Behind your Pleasure of Reading

pleasure of reading

The Pleasure of Reading- Man is pleasure-loving. He seeks pleasure in everything. In so many things pleasure is a great motive force. For the sake of pleasure, man cultivates hobbies; he plays various types of games, goes to the cinema, undertakes adventures, sets out on travel and trips and pursues this or that. At the root of all these activities lies pleasure, joy or entertainment. After hard work and toil, it is natural that one seeks amusement and entertainment. It is said that men of leisure are men of pleasure. In spare hours men want to enjoy and seek pleasure. Man does not live by bread alone. Bread and butter are a basic need because it sustains and keeps people alive. But what after bread? Then comes pleasure, hobby, entertainment, or amusement. Leisure and pleasure go together; they are inseparable.


There are various means and sources of pleasure. But the pleasure of reading is the best. The pleasure we get from reading books, newspapers, magazines, etc. is unique in so many ways. It provides us with the widest possible range of pleasurable reading material; you have a whole world to choose from. There are stories, novels, fiction, biographies, travelogues, books of poetry, dramas, plays, histories, and so on and so forth. The list is endless. There is enough room for men and women of every taste and liking. If you like reading novels, there are detective novels, novels of adventure, novels based on pure fancy and imagination, novels based on history, novels depicting rural and village life, novels dealing With complexities of human behaviour and psychology. You can select the subject to suit your taste and leisure time at your disposal. The variety is endless, and it is the variety that adds spice to life.

Books are written by masterminds and authors. They represent the essence of human wisdom, experience, and achievement. They contain best thoughts, ideas, concepts and imagination which very much enrich the lives of their readers. That is why it is said,”Reading makes a full man.” It is this fullness which sets this pleasure apart from other pleasures. Books reflect the society; they hold a mirror to the life. They bring us in contact with great minds of the past and present and in the process some of the greatness is rubbed off to the readers.


Books enable us to know the best of our culture, history, civilization and the whole world. They inspire noble thoughts, develop character, and make a man a real man in the true sense of the term. Books are the real repositories of our best thoughts and ideas. These benefits of books enhances the pleasure of reading.


Other types of pleasures require company, association of other persons which may not be readily available. But reading does away with dependence on others. Here you are your own master. You can enjoythe pleasure of reading anytime, at any place without any hesitation. When you are alone, books provide you with the pest company. They are always at your command and disposal. You can read in a train, bus, garden, a corner of your room, in the library or even while eating. Reading provides a recreation which is not only healthy but also such as can be recreated again and again and yet again. You can pass on this pleasure to others as well. For example, you like a poem then you can commit it to memory; recite it whenever you like. You can teach it to others. It is always with you to inspire, encourage, advise, instruct and, if need, be warn you.


Reading multiplies our pleasure and lessens our pain and sorrow. In these days of strain, stress, blood pressure and heart problems, there cannot be a better way of relaxation, entertainment, and refreshment than reading. Reading makes you absorbed in a new wonderful world. If you have a reading habit, you are never alone, sad and companionless. The characters of novels, stories, poems biographies are there always with you. And you are ever conversing, talking, discussing and rubbing shoulders with these wonderful characters-men, women, and children. Their variety, habits, personal traits, faces, and callings make a fascinating world to enjoy. They elevate us, purgate us of our faults; instill in us noble and high thoughts and urge us to achieve something nobler, higher, better and more sublime. Milton called them “precious life-blood of master spirits.” Therefore, trust in yourself, in God and good books, and you will never be deceived or left in the lurch. People die but books never. They are things of eternity.

reading benefits

Reading widens our horizon of outlook, learning, and Wisdom. We become more human, gentle, manly and knowledgeable by reading. They give us knowledge and knowledge is power. They provide us with various language skills. By reading our language and expression is refined, vocabulary enriched and imagination given wings to soar and fly.


As food is essential for body so are books for mind. Reading help to escape from monotony and boredom of life and thereby prepare us for relentless and renewed struggle in our daily life. They also discipline our minds, thoughts and bodies and help us in developing concentration. Reading is an excellent exercise in mental training.


Books serve us as friends, companions and fellow travellers. They link us with the past and present. They serve as milestones and sign-posts on the road of our life’s journey. They are the great teachers, educators and reformers. There have been renaissance, revolutions, progress and reawakening ‘because of books. In them lies the soul of the whole humanity.


Even if the pleasure of reading attracts you the selection of books is of vital importance. The world of books is a mixed one. Like good men and evil men, there are good books and bad ones. We should avoid the bad books and magazines. Bad company whether of books or men is undesirable. They degrade and vitiate human mind and cause immense harm. There are cheap, obscene, immoral and demoralizing reading materials which should be kept at arm’s length. While selecting our books, we can take help of the teachers, elders, librarians, experienced friends, book-reviews, etc. Cheap entertainment should never be accepted. Our preference should always be for healthy, moral, ennobling and invigorating entertainment. It is the reading of good books alone that can bestow upon us the best of benefits.

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