Travel as a means of education

Travel as a means of education



Travel is an important means of knowledge and education. It is a source of education to all in general and to the youth in particular. It is a practical education about Geography, history, culture, styles of living, National Integration, custom, languages -all rolled into one.

During the travel, a person visit various historical places, makes people of different regions, faiths, customs and languages. He comes across various geographical landmarks like famous rivers, mountains, seashores etc. Travel enhances experience and imparts knowledge.

Travel also gives pleasure and joy and gives a change to a routine life. When we visit new, wonderful and important places, it increases our knowledge about people and things. It is travel that satisfies our wanderlust at inner urge for exploration and spiritual quest for venturing outside once known, common and unusual surroundings for leisure, education and learning. For dashing and bold young men and women travel offers unlimited opportunities of adventure and Exploration in the country and beyond the boundaries.

According to Bacon, “Travelling in the young, is a part of education, in the elder, is a part of experience“. Really, education is incomplete and experience deficient without travelling. Travel as a means of education is like a banquet to mind and the course of much activity to the body. He who travels knows very much. Travel makes a wise man better and an active man more active and agile. True education does not lie in book learning but in seeing and experiencing things, events and places.

Preparing for a journey is in itself a good training. You have to do a lot of planning and packing.

It is really an art to arrange and plan a travel. You have to decide what things to take and what not, about your luggage, clothes, route, expenses, time to be spent and so many other things. You have to economise on expenses, time etc so that you enjoy and see the maximum in minimum time and expense.

Travel as a means of education

Travel as a means of education, enlightenment, enrichment and knowledge is matchless. It makes a vision broad, Global and more humane. Today the fast means of travelling have made it very easy. We can travel by bus, car, train or aeroplane. We can visit places on cycle or motorcycle. Travelling on foot has its own charm and adventures. One can choose his or her own means of travelling accordingly. Trekking in the mountains, through the forest etc. Has its own charm, experience and adventures. It helps us to sharpen our skills of observations, analysis, facing dangerous successfully and those of Management and planning.

Young people should travel as often as they can, individually and in groups because home- keeping youth has ever homely wits. The wider and more varied and frequent is our travel, the richer our learning, education, experience and enjoyment. Thus we can say Travel as a means of education is an important tool.

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